Could it not be ours to transport the Wisdom within the Flame?

There’s a flame in each of our hearts. It’s elusive & mysterious. Some seek it. Some don’t. Some find it. Some don’t. It first came to me in my dreams. Later it spoke in a flood of tiny wisdom sayings. 1 Now it’s suggesting a partnership.

It’s not; ‘could it not be yours to transport the wisdom?’ It’s; ‘could it not be ours?’ It’s to be a joint venture. We’re to work in tandem. I’m to communicate from where my ‘I’ becomes a ‘we.’ It’s the heart space where I am one with the Self. Together we will ‘transport the wisdom of the flame.’

Within the flame with arms of red
There stands a name which can’t be said

Within the flame with mouth of blue
There lives a word which croons to you

& can it be before the dawn
That you shall pass a message on?

So still your mind and stir your heart
Your life shall chime, in works-of-art

1 The flame symbolises the Spirit (or the Self).

2 There are many vehicles that can transport wisdom. They include; the arts and crafts; music and song; poetry and literature; activism and healing. Wisdom can also be transported through the power of the human voice in everyday conversation.

Meditation; do you connect with your inner flame? If so, do you sense a call to share the wisdom within the flame? If so, how might you go about it?

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