They say we haven’t seen the daylight till darkness comes 1

I leave old formulas to seek new answers and a new way of being. The further I travel the deeper the darkness.2 It seems all the king’s horses and all the king’s men will never put me back together again. The darkness seems interminable. Onward I stumble into the night.

I feel marooned in the unconscious. Yet, I choose not to give in. I choose to believe ‘something’ is working in the darkness to support me. It’s not a pretty faith.3 It’s a dogged, obstinate, human sort of thing; but it’s mine, and that makes all the difference.

Within the dark the Secret grows
So down you go
No one knows

Where midnight blooms
And time

You chance upon

1 There are no shortcuts for the caterpillar. It must pass through the darkness of the chrysalis before discovering the wings of the butterfly: (in the poem ‘the Secret’).

2 In alchemy the darkness is known as ‘the Nigredo’ (or Blackening.) The Alchemists believe a person’s old ‘way of being’ must dissolve in the primary material of the universe so a new ‘way of being’ can be created. The blackening is a time where superfluous qualities are stripped from the soul so its true nature can be revealed.

3 John of the Cross speaks of ‘the dark night of the soul.’ He tells us the dark night is; ‘the night of faith.’ In the night, it’s common to lose faith in; religion, ‘God’ or ‘Spirit.’ Yet, to pass through darkness faith is essential. We must each seek and find our own faith.

4 ‘Loves Sacred Hill;’ has overtones of Calvary. On Calvary an excruciating death was experienced, including the loss of an old way of experiencing ‘God.’ ‘Calvary’ is an image of the process ‘little me’ undergoes on its path to ‘greater I.’ Following the death and rebirth experience; the love of the Sacred within the process, can be seen and appreciated. Calvary is now seen as; ‘Loves Sacred Hill.’

Meditation: Remember a time you passed through darkness. How did it feel? What supported you in your dark place? How did you get through? What did you learn? How did you change?


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