It’s the human feelings which make it come alive

What brings the butterfly to life? What’s the crucial ingredient? It’s opening to the length and breadth… the height and depth… of human feelings. Feelings bring the butterfly to life. 1

I like the earthiness of the saying. The new creation is not a flight away from humanness but a descent into its very core. The Self brings its wisdom; its imaginative power; its uniqueness, and its oneness with Nature. I’m to bring my humanness; especially my human feelings.2

I feel your hurt… I feel your pain…
I feel your ache… the urge to blame… 3

I feel your wrath… frustrations cage!
Your two-step sideways… return of rage!

At last you settle… so this is peace!
The storm it passeth… but, here comes grief!

I feel your pleasure… feel your glee…
Your belly laughter… your dance so free…

I feel you marvel… your wondrous joy…
Your love so tender… your long lost boy… 4

1 What is the ‘it’ which the Self wants to ‘come alive?’ ‘It’ is the synthesis; the human/Divine, which the Self and ‘little me’ create together. ‘Little me’s’ contribution is its humanness; especially it’s human feelings. The Self contributes its Divine qualities of wisdom, imaginative power, originality and oneness with all life.

The Self wants ‘greater I’ to feel a wide spectrum of human feelings. It wants feelings to flow naturally, be they; joy or sorrow, courage or fear, confusion or confidence, anger or peace, grief or delight. Feelings help ‘greater I’ evolve.

Even after the butterfly is formed and able to fly, Creation continues her ongoing evolutionary work within ‘greater I.’

Saying 103: ‘The whole thing must be risked again and again.’

2 Feeling ‘too deeply,’ without the support of; discretion, discernment, self control and will power; can invite destruction.

See Saying 149: ‘If you feel too deeply you’re just waiting to be destroyed.’

3 The poem is written in the voice of the Self. Just as the Self sees through ‘little me’s’ eyes, so the Self wants to feel through ‘little me’s’ feelings.

4 A number of times I’ve felt my ‘long lost boy.’ It’s ‘me’ before conditioning and ego development took me away from myself. There’s something pure and simple; genuine and true, about this ‘long lost boy.’

See Saying 236: ‘I remember a face that was fashioned.’

Meditation: Still yourself… What are you feeling? Reflect on what your feelings are saying. Do they want anything? Make a response to your feelings.


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