‘Do not live in the circle of ever brightening good news’ 

In a dream I meet an Abbess. 1 The Abbess is an emissary of an ancient order of feminine healers within the World Soul. The Abbess takes me to the sick bed of young healer; a postulant. 2 The young woman is dying. Something is terribly wrong. I sense human activity is responsible for the young healer’s death. The Abbess turns to me and says; ‘Do not live in the circle of ever brightening good news.’ I’m shocked.

The dream leaves me shaken. I know I’ve experienced a real event. I know there are orders of healers within the World Soul. I’ve encountered them before. I know the danger is real.

The Abbess is firm. I’m not to ‘live in the circle of ever brightening good news.’3 I must live in the Real.4 I must recognise the crisis facing humanity and the World Soul. I’m to work alone, and with others, to restore the balance between humanity and the World Soul.

In the light and dark of my soul
I wake to a thousand presences

What land is this? Which city?
Who approaches? What calls?

Mundus Imaginalis thou art: ancestral
Abode, first fruit of primordial time 5

It is you who seek the wakening heart
You who pour forth emissaries to

Whisper, knock, hammer, at the portal
Of our dreams: yet; still we sleep 6

Still the death mist curls, furls
Floats, fastens: till no eye sees 7

1 An Abbess is the head of an abbey of nuns.

2 A postulant been admitted to a religious order as a candidate for membership.

3 ‘The circle of ever brightening good news’ would include those who focus on the ‘sunny side’ while ignoring the crisis of soul and spirit, facing humanity and the planet.

4 ‘The Real’ is the Self. ‘To live in the Real’ is to live in harmony with the Self.

5 ‘Mundus Imaginalis’ is a phrase created by the philosopher Henri Corbin. Mundus Imaginalis is the World Soul. Henry Corbin states: ‘It is a perfectly real world, more evident even and more coherent, in its own reality, than our real empirical world perceived by the senses.’ Swedenborg and Esoteric Islam; Henry Corbin Pg. 18.

6 Twice, early in my process, I was woken by the sound of knocking and voices whispering; ‘He’s waking up, he’s waking up.’ I’ve spoken to people who have had the same experience.

7 The poem is ‘Psalm 18’ from my book Alchemical Psalms. The book/CD is available from; www.alchemicalpsalms.com

Meditation: Does the saying speak to you? If so, what does it say? How is ‘the circle of ever brightening good news’ affecting you?  

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