Carrying death with you on your beautiful quest

A new life calls. I am to circle the vastness, potency and intelligence of the Self.1 It seems an impossible quest.  As I circle I will die and be reborn many times. The Self sees the beauty of my quest. The journey from ‘little me’ to ‘greater I’ is disorientating. The caterpillar undergoes metamorphosis. 2 My old life dies so a new ‘way of being’ can be born. I feel the companionship of death as I move through a landscape of change.3 Beauty takes my hand.

So now I join you on your quest
My eyes of light
Every death

For all that’s small and cannot be
Must die the death
Set you free

You are the seed… I am the sprout…
You die to let
Promise out

The life that links the two as one
Just begun

1 The ‘circling’ image is influenced by the poet; Rainer Maria Rilke. ‘I am circling around God, around the ancient tower, and I have been circling for a thousand years, and I still don’t know if I am a falcon, or a storm, or a great song.’ From; The Book of Hours.

2 Self-realisation involves Metamorphosis. The caterpillar (little me) enters the darkness of the chrysalis. The caterpillar undergoes metamorphosis; the butterfly (greater I) emerges. The sayings were given during the chrysalis stage of metamorphosis and continued as the butterfly emerged. The sayings educate on the process of Self-realisation and the nature of ‘the butterfly.’

See saying 124: ‘It’s a unifying mutual metamorphosis.’

3 The Self sees the process of metamorphosis as a ‘beautiful quest.’ An old ‘way of life loses its power. A new ‘way of being’ is yet to be born. The potential butterfly struggles betwixt and between.

4 The poem is in the voice of the Self (or ‘the Promise’). The Self’s ‘eyes of light’ see the many deaths the pilgrim must pass through before reaching the ‘Jerusalem’ of union with the Self.

Meditation; are you passing through a death of some kind? If so, what is it that’s dying? Do you hope there will be a rebirth? Speak to the Self about your fears and hopes. Now be still. Listen for the voice of the inner guide. If you don’t hear the Self; simply sit in stillness. Be open to the Self.




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