Psalm 53

You place your faith in the forge
Time rises jagged about you

What you face is lethal

In the bellows & blaze you believe
Drop to peppery solitude

Till –
Out of Africa she lopes

Hers is no mercy
Just the simple necessity of a life

Her clarity is ferocious
You leap – sure in the sanctuary of it

Kevin Moran – 11/7/10

Whakapapa: This is a poem about instinctual wisdom or animal knowing. In the poem, animal knowing comes as a person faces something destructive to their soul. They ‘place their faith in the forge,’ meaning they stay in the fire of their pain, their fury & their questions. In time, a fierce knowing comes. Out of this knowing, they act. In the poem, knowing comes in the form of a female lion ‘out of Africa.’ I chose female because it is the female lion who hunts. The lioness symbolises the sure animal instinct that knows what to do and how to do it. Often when we begin to connect with this level of the soul, we dream of an animal. There is something deeply sacred about animals & the animal level of the soul, something we have (mostly) lost connection with. C. G. Jung wrote, ‘Now the question is, why have the animals disappeared from Christian teaching? We are prejudiced in regard to the animals. People don’t understand when I tell them they should become acquainted with their animals or assimilate their animals.’ 1)

1) Carl Jung, The Nature Writings of C G Jung Pg. 170

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