Psalm 34

I name it shock
My very first fly rod
Lost in the river
Where details are important
& I never saw it coming
Where nothing can save me
When I stand in the river
It’s a Fenwick Backpacker
Lost in the river
Passionately burning
Unspeakably tender
Where everything lives
And everything dies
Where everyone wounds
Where everyone heals
When I’m lost in the river
Where I’m naming it shock
And life never ends
And poetry flames
When I dance in the river
The Inangahua River
Where names are important
And nothing can save me
Where I finally lost it
When she ran to embrace me
Where I finally saw her
Deep in the river
Reaching to hold me
Where nothing can save me


Kevin Moran… 23/11/09… Black’s Point…

Whakapapa: This psalm is written to be read aloud. Its form runs like the river it describes. It just keeps bubbling from one image to another without pause. The river never stops. I wrote it after losing my first fly rod in the Inangahua River. That old fly rod & I had fished so many rivers together caught so many fish. In a moment… gone. I felt shocked. I was also aware I was in shock about the possibility of ending a relationship that was very important to me. As I struggled between opposites (loyalty to the old & opening to the new) I began to experience the river. The river is the flow of life from the heart: the flow of life through the heart; the flow of life from the Source. The Source being: Life, Being, the Tao, the Universe, God. I experienced myself as part of a bigger story: the story of the River. The River is the source of poetry and life itself. It’s a poem of loss & gain: the loss of an old way of living. The gain of connection to ‘her’: to the soul, the deep feminine.

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