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'Even if humanity should destroy the natural form
I have taken over millions of years
I will return'

Sayings of Kōtuku


Kia ora/greetings: Welcome to my poetry and wisdom sayings website. My name is Kevin Moran. I am a poet-shaman and activist. I live in the Wakamarina Valley, near Havelock, in Marlborough, Aotearoa/New Zealand.

I’ve just published my latest book; ‘Portents from Beyond the Edge: A Personal Exodus; Poems, stories, wisdom sayings, and commentary.’ The book tells the story of my initiatory journey as I left Christchurch, following the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes to restart my life as a full-time writer. ‘Portents’ contains a number of wisdom sayings, given on the edge of sleep. If you are interested in purchasing ‘Portents’ you can do so on the Books page. My other four books are also available. All books have been repriced to make them more affordable.

I have recently updated the website to include a focus on shamanic poetry and wisdom sayings. Shamanic poetry seeks to connect the listener/reader with the natural world and the sacred powers of Nature. Shamanic poetry also seeks to inspire and bring healing and transformation. The wisdom sayings are tiny messages from the Self. The Universal Self is the sacred source of all life.

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My Books and CD

If you want to listen to a preview of the CD there is an iTunes link on the ‘Books’ page.

If you want to purchase books, including a Kindle version of ‘Portents from Beyond the Edge, or my Alchemical Psalms CD please follow the link below.

Check out my new books and CD.

Can I also encourage you to pause for a moment and listen to the beautiful song ‘Kotuku.’ Kotuku is composed & sung by my talented daughter Sita Moran. The song ‘Kotuku’ is also on the Alchemical Psalms CD. You can listen to Kotuku on this YouTube video.

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