Welcome to the Poetry page: you can click on the psalms & follow them through 1 to 68. When I decided to publish this poetry I went through a renumbered process. I kept a rather loose chronological structure where that seemed helpful. I also grouped some of the psalms in themes. Each psalm is dated. I hope you enjoy! In February 2013 I published these psalms in a book with an accompanying CD. The book/CD can be purchased on the ‘Books’ page. The CD is available is available separately on the ‘Books’ page. I am also planning an eBook version.

Following the completion of the psalms series I have began a new series of poems: ‘Song of the Kotuku’. You will see these poems seperate from the psalms. Like the psalms they are numbered: ‘Song 1’, ‘Song 2’, etc. Many of the poems in the ‘Song of the Kotuku’ series involve an exploration of the Sacred Feminine who appears in many forms including: the Rose, Beauty, Long Golden Hair,  Gingham Dress,  Blue Shoes, Ariadne, Shaman Woman, Gaia, Nizam, The Honey Dew, Delphic Stone, The Black Woman with No Shoes, The Unknown and Red Wings. The poetry explores Eros,  connection, sensuality, & love as part of the journey to open to & form a relationship with the Sacred Feminine. I hope to publish a CD of these poems under the title ‘Red Wings’ later in 2013.

If you wish to look at the psalms & the Songs of the Kotuku series I suggest you push the small number 9 on the ‘pages’ section, just across the page. That will bring you to psalm 1.

Feel free to email me (via the ‘contacts’ page) with your comments.

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