The Place of Salt
‘You’ll find it in the place of salt… along the edge of tears…’

I see the sun, it’s risen high
Along the edge of tears

Where freedom campers rise & shine
To face a world of fears

& I wonder what is drawing them
Into the place of salt

& what preserves the dreams they bring
To the river, where they halt

To pause awhile, & laugh & sing
Upon the freedom road

& swing their poi of living fire
Beyond the bitter load

Our culture piles upon the young
As if it’s set in stone

The expectations of the old
Become a lethal tome

That suffocates the rising tide
& the question that it brings

Where humans do renew themselves
The River bravely sings


The River Tribe are a gathering of salt seekers. ‘Salt’ symbolises the ingredient of ‘meaning.’ Meanings role is to preserve the vitality of the human spirit. If there’s a common thread among those who flock the carpark it’s the search for meaning. Salt is a preservative. Salt stops rot. It’s the place of salt that preserves a person from the rot of cultural conditioning.

Salt comes from the sea. It’s from the sea of Anima Mundi that our deep dreams arise. Salt is found along the edge of tears. Tears contain salt. Becoming who we truly are, brings its share of tears. The salt of personal meaning is obtained as we separate from the expectations of others. The expectations of the old/become a lethal tome.  

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