Finally the burners & exploiters
Are banished from the Spit

& at the end
They shot their cattle

& sold
Them for pet food

Which pretty much sums up
That lot

& good riddance
I say

& welcome to the new lot
That’s risen up

Who make Onetahua a Sanctuary
& guard & protect her

& who understand the fragility
Of the feeding grounds

& the waders –

& that the old lot
Are still about

& have changed their game plan
& become

Even more cunning
& dangerous



Burners & exploiters Those who exploit the bush & land & waterways & oceans in the pursuit of unbridled wealth. The Spit has had its share of such people. Some of ‘that lot’ once ran cattle on the Spit which caused considerable damage. When they were forced to leave, they shot many of the cattle & sold the meat for pet food. ‘The new lot’ understands the importance of protecting the fragile environment.

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