We dress in blue
For Te Waikoropupū

& our wave breaks through
On the suits who peruse

From their second floor views
Where they spin & confuse

While the blue puppet waves
& samba drum raves

Out here on the street
Where we amp up the heat

On the suits in their tower
With their treacherous power

While the people say No!
This time you must go!

We don’t want you no more
Just exit the door!

’Cause we’re people in blue
Who see right through you

& your duplicitous ways
Where you spin & betray

For dollars & greed
While the pastures they bleed

From the nitrate disease
You just do what you please

But we’re people in blue
Who see right through you

& our wave’s breaking through
For Te Waikoropupū


Blue is written about the occasion of delivering the 13,014 person petition to the Tasman District Council demanding no new water rights be granted to the 14 intensive dairy farms that are leaching nitrate into the aquifer which feeds Te Waikoropupu Springs.

We dress in blue: The Save Our Springs team decided to dress in blue (symbolising water) when we delivered the petition.

The suits who peruse: As we marched & chanted & beat samba drums, we were watched by men in suits from the second floor of the TDC building.

Suits: Symbolises the shadowy businesspeople who wield power and influence behind the scenes in New Zealand. 

Spin: Bending & twisting information for political and economic advantage is a TDC speciality.



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