It’s beautiful here in the rain
Feeling the slow release

Of the tensions I bring with me
After last night’s meeting

& the upwelling of clarity
Which is your particular gift

& the one we humans sorely need
In the playpen of our ignorance

As to what brings you life, & death
& what we are to do, or not do

& I know I am feeling a deep distrust
& a remembering of the rivers of my childhood

Particularly the crystalline Selwyn
Which is now utterly destroyed

By the greed & ignorance of farmers

& I want you to know I pledge myself
& will not leave this town

Until your safety is fully assured


Written after a visit to Te Waikoropupu Springs, following the Flag meeting on 9/3/2017
The meeting discussed the future of the tohunga (treasure) that is Pupu Springs.

 To join the ‘Save our Springs’ (SOS) campaign & be placed on the mailing list   Email: saveoursprings@yahoo.com

 Kevin Moran; Poet-activist

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