See now the eagle circle high
Above the ancient springs
Who knows the hand that brings her here?
As loud her cry does ring

 Above the waters, she protects
This guardian of old
Te Pouākai is her given name
& dark the truth she holds

What man forgets, & thus neglects
He dooms to fall & die
The ecosystems of our land

They join her warning cry

She calls to us; you must, oh must
Save pure Waikoropupu
As kaitiaki of the land
Be clear & straight & true

I watch her now, in visions eye
She’s high above the mist
These springs so precious in her sight
She guards & will assist

Te Pouākai (the Haast Eagle) once inhabited the South Island of New Zealand
It is the largest eagle ever known to have existed
It fed on moa’s & became extinct about the time moa’s
were hunted to extinction (600 years ago)

The female was the largest of the pair

Kaitiaki is the Maori word for guardian

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