Pilot Whale

At Tuhuroa, we labour in, the pastures of the sea
We’re German, French, & Kiwi too, & form community

While all around we hear the sound of Upokohue
The pilot whale, she’s on the scales, we fight to set her free

& here’s her calf, she floats at last, she’s by her mother’s side
& women sing, & hope she rings, upon the risen tide

& in my heart, I feel the chants & prophesies of old
The seas will part, & free our paths, as Waitaha foretold

A way of peace will walk the earth, where woman, man & child
Walk side by side, within a tide, to serve the living wild

We’ll love the earth, who gives us birth, & calls us to her side
Where spirit leads, our hearts will bleed, upon that coming tide

Of justice, peace, & mercy too, beyond the killer schemes
Where lion & the lamb lie down; I read it in my dreams

Kevin Moran


‘Tuhuroa;’ Farewell Spit

‘Upokohue;’ the pilot whale

‘Waitaha;’ an ancient Matriarchal people, who follow the philosophies of peace known as Rongomaraeroa; See; www.waitaha.org










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