Reilly Street

They’re closing down the carpark, way down on Reilly Street
Where freedom camper’s laugh & play, & nations smile & greet

There’s Spanish here, & German too, & Dutch & French & Jew
The nations of the world arrive, to form a rainbow stew

Where late at night the rednecks drive, & rev their spiteful cars
While all around the hippies smile, & strum their green guitars

I’m sixty-five, a pensioner! I came here by mistake!
But I love it down on Reilly Street, where soon there’ll be a gate

& I love the songs of freedom, that waft out on the wind
& I love the local businessman, who supplies the rubbish bins

& I love the ones within the town, who reach out with their care
Who forgive the sin of being young, a kindness sometimes rare

My life has been a struggle long, against dark bigotry
So where there’s love within the town, I sense a victory

The heart is like a chapel door, we sometimes lose the key
So I love it down on Reilly Street, in peace & harmony

& I love the way the young ones smile, within life’s pain & strife
These days, now short, on Reilly Street, are the highlight of my life

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