The Self is the centre of the story

I watch you slowly turn about
The centre of the story

Your inmost page does so amaze
& wake in you a glory

You see her now, she’s all about
She’s rata, bush & honey

The centre bright, is also height
& rain & cloud & sunny

She’s in your heart, she’s second start
She comes when you are ready

When all that’s blind, within your mind
Is calm & clear & steady

The Self is midpoint, & the edge
She’s boiling & expansive

She’s painter, brush & pigment bright
& also is the canvas

When the saying was given it focused on the book I was writing;
(Sacred Fractions)

I was being told ‘the Self’ is the central theme of the book

 The saying can be seen through a wider lens; the Self is the centre of the human story

 The poem follows the story of a woman who discovers the Self at the centre of her life

‘Your inmost page does so amaze & wake in you a glory’

 The woman makes the discovery that she is experiencing the Self within, & also without; (as the outer world)

‘She’s all about; she’s rata, bush & honey’

 The Self is everything the woman see’s & knows

 The Self is consciousness

 ‘She’s painter, brush & pigment bright & also is the canvas’


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