Sustained Revelry; it hasn’t been able to clarify yet

& so the fish they seek your net
Beneath a marvelling moon

Where greater mind to lesser mind
Does gift its swimming runes

You write them down in disarray
As inward floods the tide

Of revelry and sanctity
Where wisdom does abide

Your boat is full, it just may sink
You struggle to the shore

& rest a while upon the sand
& then go back for more

Till finally, with Clarity
It’s in your heart you sup

As in each fish, a silver coin
Does wink & wake you up

The saying was given in a time of ‘sustained revelry’ when I was receiving saying after saying in succession  
& didn’t have the time to reflect & allow the sayings to ‘clarify’ into wisdom

 Spiritual ‘revelry’ comes when we encounter the Self

It can be experienced as an ecstasy; an altered state of consciousness; being tipsy with Spirit 

 The poem describes the sayings as ‘fish’ seeking the net (of consciousness)

‘Beneath a marvelling moon’ (the feminine) 

‘Where greater mind to lesser mind;’
(Where the greater mind of the Self connects with the lesser mind of the egoic personality)

 Your boat ‘just might sink’ (because of the amount of sayings)

 ‘Till finally with Clarity;’ (till finally you have the time & space to reflect on the spiritual treasures finding their way into your net)

 ‘As in each fish a silver coin;’ (as each saying reveals its wisdom)
‘Silver’ is the colour of the feminine

 The image has a resonance with a passage in Mathew 17:24-27

Where Jesus tells Simon that in the mouth of the first fish he catches he will find a silver coin; to pay the temple tax

 The poem also connects with Johns Gospel 21:4-8 where, following an encounter with the resurrected Jesus

The disciple’s nets are filled to overflowing with fish




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