Problems resolve themselves in sight

& so I step back from the rot
That weaves a maze, where I am not

The snaky road of twists & turns
Of endings dead, where feelings burn

This problem came without invite
Yet, eats with me & loves to bite!

I feel it now, it’s set up camp
Its teeth are tight, they’re like a clamp!

So through the day, I slow me down
& voyage deep & lose my frown

’Till all at last, the eye within
The lamp of God, the holy twin

She opens wide, in deepest peace
& I let go, in sweet release

Whether we create them ourselves, or they arrive uninvited; ‘problems’ enter our lives

 The saying invites us to look at ‘problems’ from the deeper vantage point of ‘sight’

We are invited to shift our viewpoint from the limited ‘seeing’ of the ego to the deep spacious ‘seeing’ of the heart

It’s here we discover the ‘eye of the heart’

 The eye of the heart is the eye of our holy spirit; the eye of the Self

 When we see with the eye of the Self we see in a highly individualised way

We see from a place of depth & becoming

 As we ‘see’ in this way, the circumstances of our life may, or may not change

But we change, & as we change our problem will ‘resolve’ itself (in some way)

 The poem was written after the 7.8 Culverden earthquake

 The earthquake & aftershocks left me with the ‘problem’ of my resurfacing traumatic stress

 The poem describes a journey towards the place of ‘sight’

The phrase; ‘that weaves a maze, where I am not,’ talks about how we can easily lose ourselves in the ‘maze’ of a problem

 ‘The eye within’ is the eye of the Self, which is; ‘the lamp of God, the holy twin’

 The Self is sometimes called ‘the twin,’ or ‘the double’





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