‘Now you’re coming to it; I welcome you in the name
Of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost’

Beyond the reach of creed or book
I bow my knee where none can look
Unto my Christ, my Lord, my Friend
Where logic pales and doctrine ends

Yet, what’s this hand upon me now
Who lifts me up where I fall down
Who thanks me for the simple grace
Of giving love a dwelling place

Who comes to me & fills my nets
With sparkling fish, I can’t forget
Who teaches me, a Christian Way
That’s risen like the dawn of day

Where I must live as Word of God
& blaze my trail upon the clod
Of Mother Earth, the Queen of Life
& bang my drum & blow my fife

The saying was given during a time of awakening as I was coming into an experiential knowing (gnosis)

Of who & what I am

 I was in a stream of revelry & had begun to reflect on the first verse in Johns Gospel;

‘In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.’ John 1:1

 I came to see that, because of my union with the Christ/Self, I was ‘with God’ in the beginning (I was in the transcendent)

& that (like Jesus) I am a ‘Word of God’

& that all humans & all creatures are Words of God

& that the human journey involves realising the latent potential to live as a conscious Word of God

 It was a breakthrough moment, as I saw & understood Johns Gospel in a new & personal way

 The Self then spoke; warmly welcoming me as I entered into a deeper realm of sacred knowing 

 ‘Now you’re coming to it; I welcome you in the name
Of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost’

 I was deeply touched by this ancient Christian greeting particularly the phrase ‘Holy Ghost’ (rather than the more modern ‘Holy Spirit’)

 In the poem; ‘I bow my knee’ is my heart’s response to the blessing of the Christ/Self

 The Christ/Self ‘lifts me up where I fall down’

And thanks me ‘for giving love (the Christ/Self) a dwelling place’

(The Christ/Self cannot be born into consciousness unless its human partner chooses to ‘give love a dwelling place’

& carries & nurtures the Divine life which is being born into consciousness)

 The final two verses speak of the way the Christ/Self comes & ‘fills my nets with sparkling fish’ (‘fish’ are the sayings)

(In the same way, the resurrected Christ, came to the disciples & filled their nets with fish; John 21:4-8)

 The final line; ‘& bang my drum & blow my fife’ points to the role of the spiritual messenger (the poet/prophet)

Who through his (or her) poetry/art/activism provides inspiration for those siding with spirit, compassion & justice in the great battle of life




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