I am the River

I am the river, the Wakamarina River
Who calls you, greets you,
Receives you

Who is your personal river
As you stand beneath the waterfall

Your future an empty book
In your upraised hands

As you listen to the voice in your immigrant heart

Calling you, calling you
Ever home

To the River

Who is the voice of every river

Who is the Giver
Of all life

Who is calling you
Ever home


To the River

The saying was given on my 64th birthday as I stood beside a pool on the Wakamarina River

 I remembered how I’d come to the Wakamarina River four months previously

& how I’d stood beneath a waterfall

& how the river spoke to me

Calling me  

 I accepted the rivers invitation & bought a small cottage near the river  

 On my 64th birthday, once again I stood beside the river, remembering the rivers call

I did, the Self spoke the words; ‘I am the River’

 I understood the Self to be saying, the Self is the Wakamarina River
(& each & ever river throughout the world)

 & that the Self is the voice of the Wakamarina River
(& the unique voice of each & every river throughout the world)

 & that the Self is the Great River; the River of Life

 The poem is written in the voice of the Self



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