These people do that to me: Actually, I’m living within them

& so the crowd they turn away
& leave me hanging here

But what of you, my precious one
Please pause & lend an ear

I’m parched upon this barren hill
I thirst within its heat

So rest your busy life awhile
Beneath my bloodstained feet

I’m not a fable in a book
That preacher’s weave & spin

I am your own forsaken life
That wants to enter in

I’m Origin, I link all life
Within a wondrous web

I want to burn unique in you
Before your life does ebb

I value you above all else
I am your missing link

That joins the heavens to the earth
& causes heart to think

The saying is part of a stream of sayings in which the previous saying (265) was given

It tells us, ‘these people’ (the people who reject the Christ/Self) ‘actually do that to me’

(They actually reject torture & crucify the Christ/Self)

 ‘Actually, I’m living within them’

(In reality, the Christ/Self lives within them as their innate human/divine potential)

 In the poem the Christ/Self hangs on the cross of human rejection while, ‘the crowd they turn away’

The Christ/Self then speaks to the ‘precious one’ lingering near the crucified presence of the Christ/Self

 The Christ/Self is; ‘not a fable in a book/that preachers weave & spin’

(The Christ/Self is not the collective religious image woven by literal religion)

 The Christ/Self is ‘your own forsaken life that wants to enter in’

(When the Christ/Self enters consciousness our soul awakens)

 The Christ/Self is ‘the Origin that links all life’

(The Christ/Self is the Unity; the One; the All; which links all life)

 ‘I want to burn unique in you’

(The Christ/Self wants to become conscious in our experience, & express itself in an individualised way in and through us)

 The poem is written in the voice of the Self




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