The best thing I can say about you is you are a real person 

The Self shows where its priorities lie. I may be struggling to free myself from a morass of family & cultural conditioning, but I’m a real person. It’s the best thing the Self can say about me.

I like it when someone starts talking about the elephant in the room; especially when the elephant saunters over to listen. I like it when someone admits they’ve spent four years obtaining a PhD in ignorance. I like watching a friend step into the unknown with a roll of toilet paper under her arm. I don’t pretend to understand realness; but I love it when I see & feel it.     

I like to laugh
Up from my boots

I like it where
The morepork hoots

No matter how
Illusion spouts

No matter what
The mass-man shouts

Just give me real
As real can be

It shakes my hand
& sets me free

 One of my favourite ‘God’ words is ‘the Real.’ It feels powerful & exact; but also very mysterious. I once read someone describe walking through the ruins of an ancient empire as an encounter with ‘the Real.’ I like that. Empires come; empires go; the Real goes on. When the empire of family & cultural conditioning lies in ruins; the Real remains.

1 ‘The moorpork’ (Te Ruru) is a small New Zealand native owl.

Meditation: still yourself… allow the phrase; ‘the Real’ to take you deeper. Whenever the ‘unreal’ enters your thoughts; let it go. Continue to open your heart, mind and will to ‘the Real.’ When you are ready, complete your meditation.

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