Shem Chen, Shem Chen
Shem Chen, Shem Chen

When the work is over
Remember you are my son

(× 2)

As I drifted over the edge into sleep on 7/4/16
I heard a male voice singing these words to me.
I woke with a sense of awe & gratitude.

I wrote the words into my diary.
I also sung the tune into my phone.

In the morning I looked up the symbolism of the words ‘Shem’ and Chen’


Shem was the first born son of Noah , and brother of Japheth and Ham.
The name Shem means Name. It can mean Identity or Personality.
The first two letters of the word Chanukah spell chen, one of the eight synonyms in Hebrew for beauty.

Chen, which literally means “grace” or “favour,”
represents that aspect of beauty

Which expresses itself through the aesthetic of graceful symmetry.
By virtue of its first appearing in the Torah as juxtaposed with its “opposite,”

We are taught in Kabbalah that chen represents balance and symmetry,
Particularly that which is comprised of two inverse elements reflecting each other.

The opposites that form the graceful symmetry of Chanukah are those of darkness and light,

Or as referred to in the Aramaic idiom of the Zohar —

“Transforming chashocha (darkness) into nahora (light),”

Whose initial letters themselves spell chen.


See Website: Gal Einai; The Gateway to the Inner Dimention of the Torah

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