It’s not how you see the Self; it’s how the Self sees you

 It’s not about the way I ‘see’ the Self; it’s about the way the Self ‘sees’ me. It’s not how the seed sees the tree; it’s how the tree sees the seed!

The Self is ‘all-I-can-become.’1 The Self is; ‘the essence of all life.’2 I struggle to free myself from a lifetime of conditioning. The Self is unconditioned. I struggle within the limits of time. The Self is timeless. The Self & I see very differently. Yet, I know the Self seeks my highest good. The Self also seeks the highest good of the world about me. I’m to trust the way the Self ‘sees.’

You see the Vast with tiny sight
The Vast sees you
With eyes

It matters not the way you see
It’s how you’re seen
Which turns

So trust the Vast where sight grows dim
The eye of Light’s

The Self sees in ways I cannot. It sees from a higher plane. It sees imaginatively. It sees creatively. It sees objectivity. It sees ‘through’ the deadly carnival of cultural conditioning I live within. It sees ‘what is.’

1 The Self is infinitely vaster than my ‘who-I-am.’ The Self is ‘all-I-can-become.’ The Self contains all my developmental potentials. There’s always more of the Self. The Self is always greater.

2 The Self is ‘everything-there-is.’ It’s the essence of ‘every living thing’ in the Universe. The Self is Consciousness itself.

See Saying 159: ‘The epicentre is everywhere’

 3 ‘The Vast’ is the Self.

Meditation: be aware of being ‘seen’ by the Self. Don’t try and analyse the Self. Just allow yourself to be seen. Keep returning to the experience of being seen.

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