Do not stop the ‘how-you-are’ for the ‘what-you-know’

One of the fruits of the process of Self-realisation is a developing capacity to ‘know’ and understand. The sayings themselves are vessels of knowledge. As consciousness becomes more and more individualised, and the eye of the heart opens, 1 the capacity for original & creative ‘knowing’ increases.2

The essence of the saying is that ‘knowing’ must be grounded in ‘presence.’ ‘Being’ (or ‘how-I-am’) is to remain the foundation of my life. ‘How-I-am’ includes awareness of my body; feelings; instincts; intuitions; imaginings; thoughts; relationships; and flow of spirit. 3

Blessed be the inmost star
Blessed be the how-you-are

Blessed be the open heart
Blessed be creations art

Blessed be the sun above
Blessed be the way of love

Blessed be the flash of fun
Blessed be the service done

1 The eye of the heart (or nous) is the divine capacity within the heart to discern & receive knowledge.

2 The sayings often speak about the mind. Just as there is an ‘old man’ and an ‘old woman,’ so there is an ‘old mind.’ Just as there is a ‘new woman’ and a ‘new man’ so there is a ‘new mind.’

See Saying 71: ‘Beyond the peaks of reason’
Saying 91: ‘Precognitive thought’
Saying 297: ‘They are right at the resurrection of the new mind’

3 Learning to ‘be’ is an essential ingredient of the process of Self-realisation. ‘Knowing’ becomes a stumbling block only if it separates a person from the wells of Being.

See Saying 43: ‘Far more important to learn how to ‘be’
Saying 51: ‘Servant of Being’
Saying 66: ‘We are individual sparks of united Being’

4 ‘The inmost star’ is the Self. As in the story of the birth of the Christ-child, it is the ‘star’ (of the Self) which guides us to the place of rebirth.

Meditation: Imagine a set of scales. When you are ready; place the amount of ‘being’ in your life on one side of the scales. Now place the amount of ‘knowing’ in your life on the other. How do they balance? Are there any changes you want to make?




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