Closing the bud to every desire quells the birth of the Holy Fire

I read the mystics. Some speak of the dangers of ‘the flesh.’ Others speak of sexuality as a path to the Divine. What to do with my sexuality? The Self is clear. I’m not to ‘close the bud to every desire.’ I choose to give and receive pleasure.

It’s of the branch of Holy Fire
The dance of sense & pink desire

Feel instinct dance with spirit sweet
Awake the bed where beauty sleeps

Embrace the bud which opens wide
The storm of love shall be your bride

The saying warns; ‘closing the bud’ to every desire ‘quells’ the birth of the Holy Fire.’ Holy desire humanises. Holy desire opens the sensual and instinctual worlds. Holy desire deepens the intimate and loving dimensions of the heart. Holy desire liberates.

Realising the Self involves the release and reintegration of instinct. Repression impedes this process. However; not all desire is to be acted on. Some desire is to be felt and then released. Love is the guide.

See Saying 75; ‘The green man is the natural man’
Saying 182; ‘I’m not a saint; I’m not a sinner; I’m the magic in-between’

Meditation: visualise the bud of your sexual desire. What does it look like? Is it open? Is it closed? Let it speak to you. What does it want? What does it need?







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