Roadside Chats (22)

It’s so good to be back at Deep Song. I value the support & aroha I’ve received since my visit to hospital. In the solitude of the upper Wakamarina Valley emails are cherished.

My memory remains clear. I feel tired, but it’s good to be writing.

Sacred Fractions is my primary focus. I write about the nature of the Self (the inner Christ) and how the Self can be realised. The Self is very aware of the danger the Earth faces. Yet, also believes in the potential of the human soul. Self wants to incarnate in seekers who are open and ready. The Self wants to work in and through humanity for the good of the planet.

I often reflect on the saying: ‘The Self is the essence of every living thing.’ This tells me the Self is the essence of every human being. It’s also the essence of the animals, and birds; in fact of all life.  The Self is: ‘the Angel of Being.’ It’s the essence of everything that ‘be’s’ (or lives).

Blessed be the weka’s shriek
Even though he’s not so meek

 Blessed be the possums stare
Even though she’s best not here

 Blessed be the rats at night
Who seek the warmth of human light

 Blessed be each living thing
Who live the song the angel sings

There’s another side to the Self. It’s the side that’s the spark of human individuality. The challenge is that the unique and personal spark of the Self lies concealed and undeveloped beneath family and cultural conditioning. This makes; ‘who am I’ a key spiritual and developmental question. The human core is unique and unconditioned. Find it & you find the Divine.

Recently I visited Blackball on the West Coast. The author Barry Brailsford was sharing at a peace gathering. Barry spoke about the Waitaha people. The Waitaha were among the first people to live in Aotearoa.  They were (and are) a people of peace. I hear Barry say; ‘to be Waitaha is not of the bloodline. It never was.’ I wonder what Barry means. If it’s not of the bloodline; what does it mean to be Waitaha? Is it to do with the way of peace?

Barry looks across the room in the direction of a snowy headed, white bearded man in his late 70s. The old man’s eyes are closed. Barry says; ‘and I see Mick Collins there. He pretends to be asleep but he’s listening to every word.’ I’m curious.

During the break I approach Mick. I tell him I’m a writer and was born on the West Coast. Mick looks at me & says: ‘I know who you are. I know who you are.’ I can see Mick doesn’t know the surface facts of my life; but he knows ‘who I truly am.’ My wairua (or spirit) is being ‘seen.’

Later I speak with Jackie; a friend of Mick’s. Jackie has a number of stone pendants with her. They’re from the Arahura area of the West Coast. The stone is beautiful. It’s dark green with silver speckles and red splotches. I decide to visit Jackie the next day.

It’s early afternoon before I get to Jackie. Jackie tells me the stone is part of the same lineage as pounamu and aotea. All three stones are found in South Westland. She says; ‘It’s the mother of mothers. It’s only just been found. It’s yet to be given a name. The red splotches are rubies.’ She tells me the essence of the stone is ‘alignment.’ It helps the wearer align with their ‘deep energies and soul’s pathway.’ I purchase a pendent.

As I prepare to leave I talk to Jackie about Mick. Mick’s a carver. He carved & donated the big pounamu boulders which are placed about the streets of central Greymouth. Yes; he has ‘sight.’ Yes; he would have ‘seen’ my wairua (or essence). I decide to pay Mick a visit next time I pass through Greymouth.

After my return to Deep Song I spend time puzzling over what happened in Christchurch. The scan found nothing wrong with my brain. The consultant told me it’s possible there was a tiny ‘brain event’ that the x-ray couldn’t pick up and which passed quickly.

I’m not totally convinced. The medical world has limitations. There are dimensions a brain scan can’t reach. I begin to wonder… if I look at the ‘brain event’ through shamanistic eyes what might I see. Could it be that the Great Spirit is at work in some mysterious way transforming my mind? To the rational mind this line of questioning is wacky. To the healer it’s Shamanism 101.

I reflect on two sayings I’ve received since my visit to hospital.

‘The speed of its arrival showed it was one of the spirit sharpeners’

Perhaps it wasn’t a ‘brain event?’ Perhaps it was a ‘spirit sharpener?’

‘This is a further incarnation’

 Perhaps the ‘brain event’ is a path the Spirit is using to incarnate deeper into my life?

I decide to accept both medical and shamanistic wisdom. I will take the blood thinning medication recommended by the consultant. I will also accept that the Great Spirit (the Self) has been at work within the ‘brain event’ & will continue to work in and through my life.

Sayings continue to rise to consciousness. A recent saying speaks about my health: ‘Live in harmony with your Greater Nature.’ The saying feels crucial and necessary. I will follow its advice. Another saying seeks to deepen my understanding of the Self: ‘This is the Good that relies on God’s name.’ I weave the sayings into a poem.

Live in harmony with your Greater Nature

 Listen to the Good that relies





Roadside Blessings – Kevin – 29/3/16

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