Live from the centre, not the circumference

My life circles the essential. The essential is me; yet infinitely greater than me. It lives me. It dreams me. I know it most fully when I drop beneath the cogs of everyday existence. It’s here I discover spaciousness, cohesiveness, and originality. Sometimes it feels like a place. But it’s more than a place. It’s a person. It lives in and through me; speaks to me in my dreams and in deep stillness. It loves me in a way I’ve never been loved before. It sees me and believes in me. It’s always straight with me. It feels ancient and wise. It goes by many names. One is the Centre.

It’s depth which keeps the mind-song clear
It’s depth which keeps the heartbeat near

So down you drop… into the true…
The potent life… that’s wholly you…

For centre is as centre does
The fiercest song… is earthed in love

The centre is the Self. It’s the unconditioned core of the human personality. It’s the place of power; the place of presence and spirit. To live from the centre is an ongoing challenge. Authenticity and integrity are essential. Presence and awareness help. Stillness assists.

See Saying 42: ‘Oh deep, deep ecology I will hold thee’
Saying 61: ‘You drop into an infinite centre’

The circumference is shallow. It’s the place of disintegration; the place of conformity. It’s the place of stress & superficiality. It’s frequently busy and driven. It’s the place where family ghosts lurk. It’s the death zone; addiction central. It sends you to sleep.

Meditation; be still & open to the centre of your life. When you are ready, imagine your life as a circle. What draws you to the centre? What draws you to the circumference? How could you increasingly live from the centre?



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