I’m not to go fast because I’ll simply fail fast

The process of second birth takes years. Metamorphosis can’t be rushed. It is a magic time; yet, also a time of great vulnerability. I’m challenged to step beyond my old ‘normal.’ I feel courage but also caution. I’m aware the divine life can retreat and be lost. If I ‘go fast; I’ll simply fail fast.’

All my life I’ve been alone in my psyche; yet, now I have company. The Self speaks to me. I am to listen. I am to dialogue. I am to work ‘with’ the Self. The Self becomes my pacemaker.

Beyond the pale you pick up speed
You fly so fast
That’s what you need!

Yet, deeper down the darkness sprouts
Its seed of love
Where nothing doubts

The seed that grows at wisdoms pace
& idles by
At speed of grace

So thumb a ride… it’s not too late…
The speed of love

The process of new birth takes as long as it takes. It can’t be rushed. It usually takes years. The reason it takes so long is that the unconscious needs to be purified & realigned. The conscious self can cooperate with the new birth process but it can’t control it. If it tries to ‘go fast’ the new birth may be aborted. When this happens, the Self sinks back into the unconscious. ‘I simply fail fast.’

Another danger is that of being caught in the swirl of busyness & drivenness typical of so much of our culture. We need times of stillness & solitude. We need times of consolidation and integration. A new foundation is being laid in our lives. It can’t be rushed.

See Saying 47: ‘You have to learn a new foundation for yourself.’
Saying 255: ‘Stillness incubates life’

Meditation: Still yourself… when you are ready ask; ‘Am I walking ‘with’ my ‘seed of love’ or am I rushing ahead?’ Be still. Be open. Listen. When you are ready reflect.     


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