And you could look at Ashrams, Ashrams, Ashrams, but they will simply Strangle you with an excuse

What’s the ‘excuse’ ‘ashrams’ and other spiritual institutions will strangle me with? 1

It’s the excuse of being led by an external teacher rather than my own Green Christ. It’s the excuse of clinging to an external system rather than learning from my own Green Magdalene.

I’m to walk the road of the individual. I’m to walk the path of the pioneer. I’m to walk the path of the navigator. The Self will be my guide.

Within my heart I hear the guide
The voice from which I will not hide

A voice as straight as straight can be
A voice of sight and prophecy

A voice that stalks in caverns deep
A voice which wakes & will not sleep

A voice which sets my life on fire
A voice from which I do not tire

Its ashram stirs within my heart
Its darshan is…my second start

1 Most seekers have an involvement, at some point, with an ashram, church or spiritual system. Yet, for those who seek to realise the Self, there inevitably comes a clash. The Self relentlessly challenges that part of us which is content to stay with group experience and group wisdom. If we are to realise the Self, sooner or later we must break free into the uniqueness to which the Self calls us.

See Saying 65: ‘Mere methods are not enough’
Saying 132: ‘I am the Master’

2 ‘Darshan’ is the impartation of ‘living wisdom’ by a spiritual teacher. It’s ‘living’ because it is imbued with the lived experience and spirit of the teacher. In the Christian tradition the word ‘anointing’ is used. A teacher is said to be ‘anointed’ with the Holy Spirit.

An ashram is a place where a guru lives and teachers.

Meditation: still yourself… when you are ready ask your inner teacher about any ashram, church, or spiritual system you are involved with… Is it helping you? How? Is it hindering you? How? How should you relate to this spiritual  system? Dialogue with your inner Christ.

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