You are a staging post for the Unknown

I’ve seen staging posts in old movies. The stage arrives. People get off. People get on. The mail’s delivered. This mail is intricate and mysterious. It arrives in dreams, sayings & visions.

The Unknown1 is bigger and more complex than I can begin to imagine. Mostly it calls itself, ‘the Self:’ but it loves slipping beyond the boxes I create for it. It likes to be free.

Ask the inspired: the artist; the poet; the prophet; the activist. 2 ‘Something’ works in and through them. Each receives a call. Each; in their own way, becomes a staging post for the Unknown.

You never see the old Indian riding shotgun
The braless driver flick her whip
The tohunga

What does it matter… what you see, or do not see?

What matters is fearless integrity
Your lonely vigil

The Unknown passing through

1 The saying doesn’t use words like ‘God’ or ‘Spirit.’ It uses the phrase ‘the Unknown.’ ‘God’ and ‘Spirit’ have become entangled in systems which seek to explain them in rational & systematic ways. Whenever this happens; ‘God’ and ‘Spirit’ lose their mystery and can no longer invite us into the sacred realm beyond rational & systematic thought.

See Saying 71: ‘Beyond the peaks of reason’

2 If you have experienced inspiration you will be familiar with ‘the Unknown.’ Something is ‘given.’ Perhaps it’s the bones of a poem. Perhaps it’s a picture or a way of seeing. It could be the tune of a piece of music. Maybe it’s a prophet’s vision or an activist’s insight. What’s ‘given’ comes from ‘Beyond.’ It passes through.

3 The first verse of the poem is an image of ‘the Unknown’ passing through a staging post. On the stage there’s an old Indian riding shotgun. The braless driver flicks her whip. A tohunga knells. In the Maori world a tohunga is a priest or shaman.

See Saying 48: ‘There is an ordinary life and a visionary flame’
Saying 192: ‘The waters of vision’

Meditation: Have you ever felt called to become; ‘a staging post for the Unknown?’ If so, how did the call come? How did you respond? Is ‘the Unknown’ still calling you in some way? If so, how will you respond?









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