The Self! The Self! The Self!

 In the dream a fiery sun 1 rises over the horizon of the sea. Over and over I shout; ‘The Self! The Self! The Self!’ I feel awe and holiness. Something deeply significant is happening! In the morning the feeling of sacredness remains. It’s a dance of opposites in my chest. It’s a new beginning. I walk in hope.

The Self is the treasure (hidden) in the field of my soul.2 It’s the ‘Godspark.’ 3 It’s a flame of burning uniqueness. The Self is the innate centre of the human psyche. When the Self rises into consciousness it disperses the darkness of unconsciousness and brings light & life to the soul

The dream is an important step in my pilgrimage. I feel the Self’s presence in my heart. I have hope; yet, there remains a long and challenging road ahead. My connection with the Self must be strengthened and fortified. Both ‘little me’ and the Self are to undergo metamorphosis.4

It’s the Sun of Light
Which makes me fizz
Where he is mine
I am his

The life we live
Is ever new
Where light unfolds
Its golden hue

Where two are one
And one is three
I dance within
The ancient tree 5

1 The sun is a primordial symbol of the Self.

2 The Kingdom of Heaven is like treasure hidden in a field which someone has found; she hides it again, goes off in her joy, sells everything she owns and buys the field. Matthew 13:44 NJV (adapted)

3 ‘The Godspark’ is a spark of ‘God.’ ‘God’ is the mystery we call Being, Consciousness, Nature or Creation.

See saying 64: ‘We are individual sparks of united Being.’

4 See saying 122: ‘It’s a unifying mutual metamorphosis.’

5 ‘Where two are one;’ where the Self and ‘little me’ are united.
‘And one is three:’ where the Self, ‘little me’ are Creation are united.
‘The ancient tree:’ the tree of life; or Nature.

Meditation: Imagine you’re on a beach looking out to sea. You hear lapping waves. It’s been night for a long, long time. Unexpectedly something happens. The Sun rises over the horizon. It’s big, blazing and golden. The waves turn red. What do you feel? Respond to the Sun in whatever way is natural. Reflect on your experience.


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