That’s when the man (or woman) of God steps in to study the Word
Because it all depends on the Word of God

I struggle with the saying. I associate it with Christian fundamentalists who believe the bible is the literal and unerring ‘Word of God.’ Yet the Self leads me away from external belief systems. The Self wants me to think for myself. What could the saying mean?

Finally I get it. The Self is ‘the Word of God.’ It’s the Self who I hear in my hearts deep core. It’s the Self who guides me with sayings, dreams, and visions. The Self is my unique and personal ‘Word of God.’ It’s time to ‘study’ the Self. ‘It all depends on the Self.1

I am your Word so safe and sure
I am the touchstone… and the cure…
I am your Word… I flame within…
Your beacon bright
The Holy Twin

So sit you down and study me!
My light it guides… & sets you free…
I am your Word… your inmost Name…
You are the torch
I am the flame

1 For those who walk the way of Self-realisation, sooner or later, there comes the time, when the imperative is to ‘study’ the personal Word of God; the Self.

2 ‘The Twin’ and ‘the Name’ are ancient words for the Self.

In the early centuries of the Christian movement some Gnostic Christians saw the ‘Christ within’ as the ‘Word of God.’  Gnostic Christians would seek ‘gnosis’ (or experiential knowledge) by studying their personal; ‘Word of God.’ As the church became more institutionalised Gnostic Christians were persecuted and their writings destroyed.

A helpful book on the subject of Christian Gnosticism is; ‘The Gospel of Thomas: The Gnostic Wisdom of Jesus;’ by Jean-Yves Leloup; Forward by Jacob Needleman.

Meditation; do you experience ‘the Word of God’ within you? If so; how do you experience it? What deepens your experience of the ‘Word of God?’ What’s it like to ‘study’ and ‘depend on’ your ‘Word of God?’


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