Now the Lord Jesus gets ready to make his journey

At first the saying perplexes me. My journey is away from religious belief systems. Yet, the Self is telling me; ‘ Now the Lord Jesus gets ready to make his journey.’ What’s going on? I’m puzzled! Is the Self; ‘the Lord Jesus?’ I decide it must be so. The Self prepares to journey into my life.

‘Yet, why the phrase: ‘the Lord Jesus?’ Is there a connection between the Self and Jesus? Over time the sayings provide their answer.1 The ‘personal Self’ and the ‘Christ/Self’ are one. The uniqueness of the personal Self flows as one life with the transpersonal life of the Christ/Self. 2

It’s from the box
The leaden box
The word of life
Comes tumbling

It’s from the straight
The jacket straight
The roar of life
Comes rumbling

Confine me not
The word it says
To language fresh
And bubbling

For in the old
I am foretold
In speech no-less

1 This is the first of a series of sayings which speak of the Self as; ‘Jesus,’ ‘the Christ,’ and ‘the Word of God.’ The sayings initially cause discomfort. Part of me wants to leave them out of the book. I’m concerned they will put some people off. However integrity will not allow it. I decide the Self is using; ‘Jesus;’ ‘The Christ;’ and ‘The Word of God’ for a reason. I seek to discover why.

As I receive further sayings, and my understanding evolves, I decide ‘the personal Self’ is; simultaneously, ‘the Universal Self’ (or ‘the Christ Self’).

See Saying 162; ‘The Self is the essence of every living thing.’
See Saying 141; ‘But his real identity never died.’ (Jesus’ true identity never died)
See Saying 354; ‘Your very unique Jesus here.’

The saying initiates a line of questioning on the nature of the Jesus story and its relevance for people seeking Self-realisation. Perhaps Jesus is a prototype of the Self-realised person?  Perhaps Jesus lived out the archetypal journey of a Self-realised person?

2 See Saying: 183: ‘It’s the uniqueness of the personal heart beating with all creation seen and unseen.’
Saying: 179: ‘The Universal Heart is the Heart of the Lord.’

3 For a person living outside a religious tradition; religious language can feel like a coffin or a straight jacket. Yet; the Self can speak energetically through the language of the bible. A phrase like: ‘Now the Lord Jesus gets ready to make his journey,’ burns with life when it foretells the birth of the Christ/Self into consciousness.

Meditation: How does the saying make you feel? Can you connect with it? If so, why? If not, why not?

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