I’m trying hard not to correct the steps that I take wrong

Step by step I push into the life of ‘greater I.’ With each step I feel ‘little me’s’ response.1 ‘Little me’ doesn’t like this one bit! Lifelong rules are being broken. A freer life is being born. I’m trying hard not to correct the steps ‘little me’ sees as ‘wrong.’

Family & religious conditioning tells me: ‘always put the needs of others before your own.’ ‘Greater I’ counters; ‘do what you must in order to live the life you’re called to live.’ Once more conditioning pleads; ‘but you must put the needs of others first!’ 1

You try so hard to get it right
My smile it dances… like a kite…
It’s your mistakes… will see you through…
And bring you safely
To the True

So step on out and get it wrong
Each time you slip… you’ll hear my song…
The greater to the lesser comes
In those who trip
Before they
Run 2

1 There’s a huge gulf between the Self and ‘little me.’ The Self is ‘the Unconditioned.’ It is simply itself and unconditioned by anything beyond itself. In contrast ‘little me’ has multiple conditioning influences, including; parents, family, religion, upbringing and culture. What seems wrong (or right) from the conditioned perspective of ‘little me’ will be challenged over & over by the Self if it hinders the development of ‘greater I.’

The journey to ‘greater I’ involves learning how & when to express our wants and needs. It also involves learning how and when to put our wants and needs to one side in the service of the greater good.

2 It’s through our ‘trips’ & ‘slips’ that ‘the greater’ comes to us. ‘Trips’ and ‘slips’ often kick start our initiation into ‘greater I.’ Sometimes we must fall flat on our face before we’re ready for the path of Self-realisation. As Leonard Cohen sings; ‘There is a crack, a crack in everything; that’s how the light gets in.’ (Anthem)

Meditation; reflect on an area in your life where you are going against; parental, childhood, religious or cultural conditioning. Is ‘something’ supporting you as you step away from cultural conditioning? Spend time in stillness. Be open to the support and influence of the Self.        

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