I never mentioned what side I was on

The Self’s arrival brings a revolution. The Self has not come to support ‘little me’ and its tiny agenda.1 The Self has its own plan. The Self plans to create ‘greater I.’

I feel like a caterpillar trying to comprehend the mysterious butterfly I’m called to become. I simply can’t do it! It’s beyond my capacity! 2 Metamorphosis involves transformation on many levels. The Self will orchestrate the process. The Self is on the side of ‘greater I.’ 3

I’m on the side you cannot see
Far from the sight of ‘little me’
I lead beyond the lesser you
Into the womb which births the true

So trust me in your darkening land
I am the power… I am the plan…4
I see your heart… your willing choice…

I’ll rise in you… Creations voice

1 Self-realisation is vastly different from ‘self help’ and ‘ego enhancing’ programs. Such programmes may be helpful in strengthening and stabilising ‘little me.’ However they can never bring about the new birth & new creation.

2 See Saying 39; ‘Beyond your limits I take thee’

3 ‘Greater I’ can be understood as; ‘the ‘I’ who is; the ‘we.’’  The ‘I’ is ‘unique personhood.’ The ‘we’ is oneness with the great community of Life. A person at the ‘greater I’ stage operates from a consciousness of ‘differentiated uniqueness.’ They also experience an abiding connection, and sense of community with, all life.

4 The Self is ‘the power’ and ‘the plan.’ The plan for the new creation is encoded within the Self. When the archetype of the Self is activated, the process of creating ‘greater I’ is set in motion.

Meditation; have you ever experienced an agenda wiser than your own at work within your life? If so, what was that like? Were you able trust it & flow with it? Where did it take you? How did you change?

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