I become double tongued…double lipped…

I’m learning to speak from ‘greater I’, yet; ‘little me’ remains alive and active.1 When I speak from ‘greater I,’ my words feel personal; they have depth, creativity and life. When I speak from ‘little me,’ my words feel small, heady and shallow. I swing between two states of being.

I feel frustrated. I’ve become double tongued; double lipped. I’m neither one nor the other; though I experience both. I do what I can. I focus on presence and being. I try to become still, self aware and present. I hope that by practicing presence, ‘greater I’ will stabilise.

Like Siamese twins you’re double lipped
One side speaks … the other trips…

Yet all’s not simple down below 2
Towards your twin… you both must grow…

The small must stretch unto the great
While large it shrinks till human makes 3

So still your soul and listen well
Till in your heart… the wedding bell! 4

1 ‘Little me’ centres on the ego; (or what William Blake called ‘the selfhood.’) ‘Greater I’ centres on the Self (or the personal Spirit).

‘Greater I’ is: ‘the ‘I’; that is also, the ‘We.’

See Saying 183: ‘It’s the uniqueness of the personal heart beating with all creation seen and unseen.’
Saying 133; ‘I am ‘One-you-us part’ of the All.’
Saying 162; ‘The Self is the essence of every living thing.’

2 ‘Down below’ is the world of human experience.

3 It’s as ‘little me’ becomes spiritualised and the Self becomes humanised, that ‘greater I’ is created.

See Saying 122 ‘It’s a unifying mutual metamorphosis.’

4 ‘The wedding bell;’ the marriage of ‘little me’ and the Self out of which ‘greater I’ is created.

See Saying 338; ‘You are the We-ville.’

Meditation: can you relate to, swinging back and forth between different states of being? If so, what are the different states? What are you moving away from? What are you moving towards? What are you learning? 

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