Destructive energy cures everything

I juggled a thousand impossibilities. Spoke my truth as best I could. But it’s over. Nothing can bring it back. Time passes and I gain perspective. I can see the human factors; but there was ‘something else:’ ‘something’ life-bringing at work within the destruction.

Destructive energy works in and about me.1 There are no easy answers.  Some days I feel grief-stricken and overwhelmed. Other days I sense the seeds of a new life sprouting within the ashes of destruction. Could ‘destructive energy’ be opening the door to a new world?

The healer surely, surely, builds
Upon the demolition
The stroke of love came oh so fast
As if upon a mission

The Mystery hems me close about
I seek my tiny answers
The healer goes by many names 2
Including second chance

1 During the time I was receiving the Sayings, the city of Christchurch was wracked by a series of devastating earthquakes. Following the February 22nd earthquake my mother was evacuated by the army to the city of Wellington where, three months later, she died. My home in Brooklands was badly damaged and the township ‘redzoned.’ Redzoning meant I could no longer live in Brooklands. I lost my home and community. During this stressful time my 40 year marriage came to an end.

Throughout the period of the earthquakes I worked as a trauma counsellor and a support person. After four years of living in the ongoing stress of post-earthquake Christchurch, I left to make a fresh start in the Marlborough/Nelson area of the South Island.

2 There are many different names for the destructive energies within Creation. In India these energies are known as ‘Shiva’ and ‘Kali’. Hindu’s recognise that ‘destructive energy’ is an integral part of the unitive reality of Creation (Brahman).

In the Christian tradition the crucifixion of the Christ shows ‘healing’ at work within ‘destruction.’ Jesus passes through intense suffering and finally an excruciating death. His body lies in the tomb for three days. On the third day he rises from the dead. The resurrection of Jesus symbolises the rebirth of the new woman, or new man, after the ‘destruction’ of the old and the associated release of healing and regenerative power.

See Saying 265: ‘I always lose out Friday morning’ (Given on a Friday evening… Jesus ‘lost out’ on Good Friday morning… he was judged, tortured, nailed to a cross and finally suffered an agonising death.)

In the framework of the sayings ‘destructive energy’ and ‘healing power’ are encountered in the passage between ‘little me’ and ‘greater I.’

See Saying 58: ‘The Seth of the Self.’ This saying refers to the side of the Self which works in and through chaos and destruction.

Meditation; reflect on a time you encountered ‘destructive energy.’ Can you see the Self (or the Spirit) at work within the destruction? Was your life ‘cured’ (or transformed) in some way? What’s different about you now?




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