Christ the Living Treasure with me

In the dream the Commonwealth Games have begun. There’s music. Over and over I hear the phrase; ‘Christ the Living Treasure with me.’ I feel joy and reassurance. I understand ‘Christ the Living Treasure’ to be the Self. Knowing the Self is ‘with me’1 gives me strength and hope.

The dream tells me I will share my ‘wealth’ with the Self. The Self will share its ‘wealth’ with me. Our ‘wealth’ will be; ‘common-wealth.’ The Self will share its imaginative power, depth and wisdom. I will share my humanness; especially my human feelings.

It’s in the night I see your face
Your loving smile
Wink of grace 2

Your gift of life beyond all law
Your presence warm
Open door

I feel you in… my shining day
Where kereru swoop
Tui’s play 3

You are the Friend… the endless One
Where river sings
Life’s begun 4 

1 Whenever & wherever the Self is born into a human life it is a reminder; ‘God is with us.’  ‘Look the virgin is with child… and will give birth to a son… whom they will call Immanuel… a name which means ‘God-is-with-us.’ Gospel of Matthew 1: 23; NJV

See Saying 118: ‘Because God needs the whim of a 14 year old girl’ (Mary to carry Jesus).

2 The night of the Commonwealth Games dream, I have a second dream. A bearded man looks down tenderly on me. He knows me very, very well. His face is Middle Eastern. He has a Middle Eastern coat. I see him from the waist up. He is positioned higher than I. He smiles affectionately at me. It feels like I’m watching a living icon. Unexpectedly the man winks. His wink takes me totally by surprise. I feel awe. I know the Middle Eastern man loves me deeply.

3 As I sit outside eating breakfast, a kereru (a New Zealand native pigeon) climbs high above the bush then drops in an arcing swoop. The kereru repeats its swoop three times. It feels like the Christ of the Bush, the Christ of Nature, the Kereru Christ, is communicating with me.

4 Last night I receive the Saying; ‘We’ve Christed it, all over.’

Following the dream of the Middle Eastern man I wonder about his identity. Is he the Self? Is he a Christian saint? Is he the Christ? I know the Self can take any form in a dream. I decide I have (at least) encountered the Self; yet, my answer seems incomplete. I reflect further. Eventually I expand my answer. Yes; the Middle Eastern man is the Self; but, he is also the Christ. I can’t explain how I know this; I simply know. The Self and the Christ are one. I decide to call this the Christ/Self.

Meditation: do you have a sense of the Self (your personal Spirit) being ‘with you?’ If so, what’s that like? How do you experience it? What deepens your experience of the Self? What lessens it?

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