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Kia ora: a central part of my journey over the last year has been the search for ‘Beauty.’ A number of times I have turned Bob Dylan’s lines over in my mind: ‘Beauty walks a razors edge, one day I’ll make her mine/If I could only turn back the clock, to where God and her were born/Come in She said I’ll give you shelter from the storm.’  This morning I was reading (& ‘feeding’) on this passage from James Hillman:

Plotinus’s definition of ugly and beautiful is immediately useful for Psychology. “We possess beauty when we are true to our own being; ugliness is in going over to another order” (5.8.13). Plotinus further tells us when we can recognise going over to another order: “Let the soul fall in with the Ugly and at once it shrinks within itself, denies the thing, turns away from it, out of tune, resenting it” (1.6.2). Here is the aesthetic response. When we feel, cramped, resentful, out of tune, then we have gone over to another order… and have fallen away from the soul. This means that soul-making can become a self-steering process through aesthetic responses.” 1)

The passage rings true to me: if we are true to our own being, we will be true to Beauty; if we are true to Beauty we will be true to our own being. Recently the Self spoke these words to me: ‘Think deeply about personal truth.’ I’ve mulled this saying over & over in my mind. It seems to me personal truth, will always be in tune with the soul & as such it will always incline toward beauty. Truth and Beauty are brother and sister.  

At present I’m organising the launch of the Alchemical Psalms book/CD.  The book launch is to be  held at the Mary Potter Community Centre, 442 Durham Street North (Behind the Southern Cross Hospital on Bealey Ave) Friday April 5th at 6pm. I’m planning a launch that will honour both soul and spirit: also the awakening and healing power of poetry. If you know anyone who has an interest in such poetry please consider inviting them. Book/CD’s will be available at $35. CD’s will be available for $20. Both books & CD’s are also available from my poetry website:  

I’m also looking for someone who will volunteer to sit beside me & collect book money while I sign books & talk with people. I’m also looking for someone who can help out in the kitchen. This will involve putting food out & helping serving a cup of tea after the launch. If you can help in either of these areas I’d really appreciate! You can phone me on 021 236 1195 or (03) 423 1522. You can also email me at  

With Arohanui


1)      James Hillman, The Thought of the Heart and The Soul of the World, Pg 59


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