Kia ora: its been an exciting last fortnight as I’ve received the Alchemical Psalms book/CD from the printer in Christchurch & the CD burner in Auckland. It’s been a joy putting the CD’s in the back of the book & giving away copies to those closely involved in the project. I’ve received great feedback from those who have read & listened to the Book/CD combo. Comments have been especially positive around the CD. The more I listen to the happier I am with it. That’s lot’s of happiness! … because I was very happy the first time I heard it! It is quite unique. I’ve never heard anything like it.

The wonder of it is that it simply evolved. Very quickly. I wasn’t copying anything, nor did I begin with a master plan. I just made it up as I went along. Jazz. Lots of improvising & spontaneity.  I sold my first two copies yesterday. Very moving to get to this stage. 148 to go until I order the first reprint/re-burn 🙂 I got my website set up today with an online shop. As Leonard Cohen puts it in his song: ‘First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin’ 🙂 So if you’d like a copy of Alchemical Psalms please order from the website. You could be the first! If you have people who are interested in poetry with a spiritual/soul basis I’d appreciate you emailing them Book/CD’s details. A good way to do this would be to copy & paste this Blog to them.

I’m hoping to have a book launch in less than a month. Organising’s not my forte but I’m putting my front foot forward & heading firmly toward the launch. Problem is I’m a poet & I wake up & want to write poetry, then… whatever time I have left over I give over to organising the book/CD… & whatever’s left after that I give over to work 🙂  Seriously organising takes a lot of time… but I will get there. I want the opening to be an event which reflects the ‘spirit’ of the book & the depth of soul & spirit contained within it. I want the launch to honour the Sacred.

I had a very creative time a couple of weeks back when I drove up to the Golden Bay to give copies of the book/CD to the people involved in the project. I listened to lots of Bob Dylan as I drove & began dreaming creatively around my next CD. Not sure if it will have book with it. Still processing. I decided to call the new CD ‘Red Wings’. It will involve an exploration of the Eros: of love & connection, of sensuality & the Sacred Feminine. I looked through the poems in my ‘Song’s of the Kotuku’ series. A large proportion of them are written round this theme. I went back through the series today & noted the names I have used for the Sacred Feminine. They include: the Rose, Gingham Dress, Beauty, Long Golden Hair, Ariadne, Back Woman With No Shoes, Red Dress, Shaman Woman, Blue Shoes, Gaia, Nizam, Honey Dew, Unknown and Delphic Stone.

I’m really looking forward to Red Wings: but first… onward to the book launch!

With Arohanui


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