Kia ora, this is my final post before Christmas. I am very much looking forward to 2013 and the publication of my first book and CD ‘Alchemical Psalms’. Hopefully the book launch will be in early February. The book/CD will be available from this site, as well as, (I hope) Fishpond and Amazon. I am also planning a Kindle version.

I received the final proof for the book yesterday 21/12/12. It was quite a moment as Julie Reason my book manager placed the book in my hands. My heart was deeply touched. It had been such a long journey to get to this point. Later I spent time reflecting on the process of creating the book and CD. I’ve learned so much!

There have been so many new discoveries. So many challenges. I’ve consistently come to new spaces & places I’ve never entered before. I’ve never self published. I’ve never worked with a printer. Never had an artist paint a cover for me. Never worked with graphic design people on a cover design. Never created a CD. Never worked with a CD producer. Never worked with musicians who trusted ‘inspiration’ for the music which now garlands the poetry CD. Never worked with my sister Eilish to add a feminine ‘soul’ voice to my work. Never sent a CD away to a CD production company to be copied, labelled & have covers created. There have been so many ‘never-before’s!’ As I come ever closer to the end of the journey I feel so grateful.  This book/CD feels like a necessary step. I don’t know where the step will lead me… but I sense it is already leading me.

 Today I drove across town to buy raspberries for our family Christmas. Red is such a Christmas colour. The colour of blood and of life. Also the primary colour associated with birth. For me Christmas is about New Birth. It is not simply about the historical birth of the Christ Child in the manger in Bethlehem, important though this is for Christians… but it also includes an invitation that we each experience the birth of our own Christ Child.

 One of my reflections as I’ve edited & re-edited ‘Alchemical Psalms’ is how many of the poems are imbued with (non religious) Christian Spirit.  I didn’t deliberately plan this… but it is there… evident even in my struggles with formal religion.

‘I know Jesus is a poem
I know he’s wild and free

I know they’ll never discover
His name – & I know

It’s in the afterbirth
Balance is found

Everything hangs together
Surprised but true –

Especially the angel you
Never see’

(See… Psalm 37)

 While this (non-religious) Christian Spirit influences  my personal journey (along with my devotion to the Sacred Feminine & my interest in Taoism… plus… plus…) I recognise that spiritual rebirth is essentially trans-religious. Woman & men of many different faiths, both ancient and modern, and people beyond the realms of organised religion experience the rebirth of their souls. 

I believe that at this time of world wide environmental challenge, the need for spiritual rebirth is  growing increasingly important. Spiritual rebirth is not a ‘one off.’ It is a never ending process of ‘death to the old and rebirth into the new’. Such a process inevitably brings about increased consciousness. The more conscious a person becomes the more they are able to see through the various ‘systems’ that influence our thinking & behaviour. Rebirth also sparks our individual giftedness out of which we can offer our own unique & valuable contributions to the world.

I wish all visitors to this website a blessed Christmas. If you haven’t already subscribed to the site can I invite you to do so? You can subscribe to my blogs & receive new poems as they are written. Details of how to subscribe are on the contacts page.

With Arohanui


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