Psalm 68

The object of a new year is not that we should have a new year
But we should have a new soul – G K Chesterton

Not in the tick of a clock
Nor the shout of the crowd
Neither tightening will

But here
Right here

In the simple return of

The resolute turn to

The ever-present


Where a card turns

A man stands sturdy at midnight
The full moon floats
Trees rustle


Midnight is forever
Moon illumines mind
Leaves run free


In the evolving heart

New Year


Kevin Moran 3/1/10

Whakapapa: On New Year’s Day 2010 I asked the I Ching: ‘How I should approach 2010?’ I shuffled the 64 Tao Oracle cards: came up with card 20. Hexagram 20 is ‘Contemplation’. The card pictures a man, at night, on a solitary path, amid trees, gazing at a full moon. The card says: ‘gaining overview, detached observation, increased understanding, solitude, integration through reflection.’ I wrote the poem in the light of this card & around the question ‘Where does New Year begin?’ I was especially mindful of the place of the moon in contemplation (also in poetry & healing).The moon is a symbol of the feminine: of intuitive, connective, creative, earthy, felt, wisdom.

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