Psalm 6

I turn my back on all that tempts me to write
Any poem, but this poem, fluttering like a white dove
Toward the face, unexpectedly present
In a line of Greek poetry
Randomly selected to begin the day
Only to discover – Passionate eyes
Gazing – Curious –
(In her take-it-or-leave-it way)
The ruination of all I have been
So I might be born anew –
(In the final gathering of days)
A priest in her Temple –
(Which is the Eternal Imagination)
Wherein a man lives & dies & dies & flies
(Ever on mortal wings)
Towards her glorious face –
A face that, once glimpsed –
Forever abides

Kevin Moran 6/5/11

Whakapapa: The inspiration for this poem was a vision (in my mind’s eye). I had just finished reading a poem ‘Psyche,’ by H.D. (Hilda Doolittle 1886 – 1961). The ending to the poem deeply moved me. I looked up & there was a woman’s face watching me. She was luminous and wild, at the same time deeply cultured. There was a poise & self assurance about her. She seemed a Greek muse. I understood her to be connected to poetry.

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