Psalm 58

it’s amazing how far you travel in a blue recliner –
you hold a baby to your heart & you’re gone –

mind you there are places you don’t go –
stress – strain – busy – fast –
mostly it’s fishing
but there are days –
slow Sunday afternoon days –
simple days –
you drift –
to ventricle town –

perhaps it’s the double-tap of fingers on a baby’s back
brings you here –
dumpt-dumpt, dumpt-dumpt, dumpt-dumpt
but you feel big & wide again –
like what truly matters
is very close –

how much fire is in love?
i don’t know, but a thimble-full sets the universe alight –
nothing is more inviting –
or dangerous –

& nothing sends us more fiercely
(whip in hand)
toward the moneychangers
bind our lives –

& nothing terrifies us more –

if it isn’t fire it isn’t love
for in love we begin again –

show me a woman more fierce than the woman in the blue recliner –   the woman with a baby resting slow upon her chest –

the woman deepening –
widening –

drawing close to what truly matters

Kevin Moran 30/1/09

Whakapapa: I love small children. This psalm is about how children can bring you close to what truly matters. In the psalm my companion Annette is pictured rocking our grandson Charlie to sleep & patting his back. This brings her close to what truly matters, which is the open heart & the fiery love which springs from it.

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