Psalm 55

Enamoured by the flame of your red dress
I sit under the rustling oak in Barrington Park–
I’m trying hard to explain how I’ve done far too much
Good in my life to ever do myself much good
When I notice your dress giggling –
Which kinda sets me off
To feel
The thousand whispers of joy
Pressed close,
As I straighten on the ballroom stairs
Glass slipper in hand –


Kevin Moran 17/2/11

Whakapapa: I wrote this poem after meeting a soul friend in Barrington Park. My friend was wearing a red dress. At the time I was seeking to deepen my relationship with the creative feminine (or muse). I remember a dream in which I met a woman dancer. The dancer said, ‘I am a phenomenon of Nature.’ She was marvellous & mysterious, a woman flowing spontaneously with Nature & Spirit. Such a woman is Earth’s gracious gift as she undermines the ingrained patterns of the old collective ego-structures & lights the torch of creative freedom.

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