Psalm 54

Hand in hand we wander the shores of Half Moon Bay
I, trying hard not to correct the steps that I take wrong
While you laugh & bubble along as if we are all that matter
& sea & moon & morepork & every natural thing – & gaps
You love gaps – Because that’s where we find God, you say –
& I am enraptured by the obviousness of it all –
Your ebony hair – Your emerald pin – Your philosophy
Shaking free – Bubbling ever more spontaneous
From the circular well –
Of freedom

Kevin Moran 30/1/11

Whakapapa: This psalm is written about my relationship with the creative feminine (or muse). It contains fragments from a number of dreams. The reference to Half Moon Bay is to a 2011 holiday on Rakiura/Stewart Island. The emerald is a symbol of an elemental manifestation of power, of regeneration, of the seasonal renewal of nature and of the Earth’s positive forces. Alchemists regarded the emerald as the stone of Mercury (Hermes), the messenger of the Gods.

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