Psalm 51

After you rode the building down
We meet in Northland’s Mall –
You – talking your dreams of yellow –
Yellow jandals –
Yellow scarf –
Yellow vest –
& how you’ve looked up yellow
On the internet
& it’s the colour of life
& I notice
I can’t take my eyes off you
& that I’m standing
Like some Adam
On creation’s first day
Totally smitten by your uniqueness
& so drunk on joy & appreciation
You made it through
That I fail to notice Van Gogh
Glance up from his umpteenth portrait
Of you surrounded by sunflowers
To finally notice me –
All busted down –
Collapsed –
Into one thing that truly matters –
The conflagration
From the centre of my heart

That matchless Sun –
Our common life

Kevin Moran 27/3/11

Whakapapa: I wrote this after the February 22nd earthquake devastated Christchurch & claimed the lives of 185 people. The greatest concentrated loss of life was in the CTV building. On the 6th floor of the CTV building were the Christchurch offices of Relationship Services. Relationship Services is a New Zealand-wide counselling agency. Miraculously, all but one of their counselling & administrative staff survived the building’s collapse. This psalm originated from a chance meeting with one of the surviving counsellors (Liz Cammock) in Northland’s Mall. Incredibly, she ‘rode the building down’ & made it out alive. I’d known Liz before she went to work for Relationship Services. I’d also met her at Relationship Services 2010 Christmas party. At that time I was undertaking contract Earthquake Counselling work for Relationship Services. The poem is pretty self explanatory. I was so stoked to see her alive! I was also particularly taken by the fragments of a recent dream she shared with me. In the dream she’d been wearing the colour yellow. Dedicated to Liz & the other souls who rode the CTV building down.

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