Psalm 48

How wild we danced that moon lit night
When stone split earth & man took fright
Our roots like whips cracked fast & free
As we hurled our cones like how-to-be

In the roar and rend we crooned our tune
On that waltzing shore by the old lagoon
In a swirl of silt with our feet unbound
We rose on our toes to the rumba sound

Kevin Moran 22/11/10

Whakapapa: It was about a month after the earthquake when I began walking again among the pines at the edge of the Brooklands Lagoon. I was awed to see the big cracks in the sandy ground. You could see the exposed roots of pines. Some of the roots had been torn and broken by the ferocity of the quake. I noticed lots of pine-cones on the ground & in the open fissures. There were also large areas of liquefaction. I was particularly interested in the broken pine roots. I wondered what it would have been like to be walking among the pines at 4.34am? It would have been such a wild time for the trees. I began thinking of parties & dancing. Out of this I wrote the poem.

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